Letter to the NEC and Regional Boards Ahead of Monday's MEP Selections 

In the next 48 hours, it is crucial that the NEC and your Regional Board hear from Labour members that we need candidates who support our membership of the European Union, support a confirmatory vote on the final deal with Remain on the ballot and who will campaign to Remain in the European Union.


The panels selecting candidates will be made up of representatives from the NEC and regional boards.  It is essential that they understand the depth of support within the party for a final say with the option to Remain.  We need to get in touch with the NEC and Regional boards asap and before the interviews take place.  It is essential that we make as much noise as possible to ensure the party doesn’t select candidates who take a softer position on Brexit.  

See below for Email Text (please amend and change as you like, just please make sure to keep a very polite tone and feel free to copy in Laura@remain-labour.co.uk, too):

Could you please write to Wendy Nichols who is Chair of the NEC (w.nichols@unison.co.uk), copying in Keir Starmer (keir.starmer.mp@parliament.uk) and the relevant regional team?  


East Midlands Labour: eastmidlands@labour.org.uk 

London Labour: london@labour.org.uk

Labour East: eastern@labour.org.uk

Labour South East: southeast@labour.org.uk

Labour South West: southwest@labour.org.uk

Labour North: north@labour.org.uk

Labour North West: northwest@labour.org.uk

Scottish Labour: scotland@labour.org.uk

Welsh Labour: wales@labour.org.uk

West Midlands Labour: wmids@labour.org.uk   

Yorkshire and the Humber Labour: yorkshire@labour.org.uk

Dear Wendy, Keir and xxx Region,


I am a Labour Member/Voter who is writing to you regarding the selection of candidates for the forthcoming European Elections.  


The European Elections provide an opportunity for the Labour Party to take a lead in explaining the truth about the realities of any form of Brexit and to highlight the positives brought by our membership of the EU. Labour can provide a sensible alternative to this Tory mess, in the form of a confirmatory referendum on the deal proposed vs Remaining in the EU.  If our message isn’t clear in this campaign, there is real danger of losing votes to smaller, ’Pro Remain’ parties.


To help ensure that doesn't happen, Labour should select MEP candidates who will campaign to make the positive case for the deal we currently have with the EU, to give the people the Final Say, with a referendum that offers a choice between a Brexit deal and the option to Remain in the EU. 


Thank you very much,


INSERT NAME (and Labour membership number)