Letter to John McDonnell

Remain Labour has published an open letter to John McDonnell which says that Jeremy Corbyn’s preferred Brexit deal will cost the country £24billion per year and devastate the spending plans set out in the 2017 Labour manifesto. For more detail please see the following links:


John McDonnell once said he believed a People’s Vote would be inevitable and we need your help to convince him to help change party policy.


It would be great if you can take a few minutes to adapt this letter and send your own version to John McDonnell today.


Simply copy the email below and paste it into the body of your email, make changes as needed, then use John McDonnell’s email address and press send.

E-mail: mcdonnellj@parliament.uk

See below for Email Text (please amend as appropriate):

Dear John,


I am writing as a Labour party voter / member and supporter of the Remain Labour campaign.


Jeremy’s letter to Theresa May last week set out five demands that must be met if Labour is to vote for a Brexit deal. This plan would cost the economy £24billion per year and devastate Labour’s spending plans set out in the 2017 manifesto . In fact, it would lead to Labour austerity if we were in government.


As you know, the 2017 Labour manifesto committed to £44billion per year in extra spending, so the £24billion Brexit hit will take out more than half of your commitments.

  • The cost of scrapping tuition fees is £9 billion per year

  • The plan to reverse welfare cuts and help those hardest by austerity was £4 billion a year


Even if we dropped both of these plans, there would still be an £11billion hole in our finances, risking spending promised on the NHS, schools and childcare. Alternatively, we’d need to raise income tax by an unprecedented 6p in the pound to meet the shortfall.


I’m sure you agree that a £24billion hit to our economy would be a disaster. It would devastate our plans to invest in the country and rebuild our public services.


I hope you agree that this proves beyond doubt that there is no good Brexit deal. A Labour Brexit would mean Labour austerity.


Now is the time for Labour to come out in support and to announce that we will campaign to Remain in the EU. I hope to hear from you soon.


INSERT NAME (and Labour membership number)