Remain Labour Wales Conference Model Motion:

Conference notes

The Welsh Labour Government (as well as Scottish Labour) now supports a confirmatory Brexit referendum in all circumstances, and will campaign to Remain

Senedd voted overwhelmingly to support this policy

More people voted in Wales for a party that unequivocally supports a confirmatory referendum than for the Brexit Party and UKIP


There’s no ‘good’ form of Brexit, it’s a right wing project and Labour must oppose it

The prospect of Brexit is already causing huge damage to Welsh communities, with devastating job losses at the Ford plant in Bridgend

After nine years of austerity imposed by Tories and Lib Dems, our public services are under terrible strain – Brexit in any form will deepen the crisis

EU membership better enables us to tackle the climate crisis, as members we can lead the campaign for a Green New Deal across 28 countries and a population of 500 million 

EU membership guarantees the free movement of people which has brought huge economic and cultural benefits to Wales

The EU is the most successful peace project in the history of Europe

The only way to resolve Brexit is through a confirmatory referendum with an option to stay in the EU 



Labour must unequivocally commit to a confirmatory referendum with Remain on the ballot 

Labour must campaign to stay in the EU in that referendum

If a General Election is held, our manifesto must include a commitment to a confirmatory referendum with Remain on the ballot