Hundreds Turn out for Remain Labour and Manchester for Europe Rally 

Politicians from across the political spectrum united against Brexit at a rally of hundreds organised by grassroots networks Remain Labour and Manchester for Europe in central Manchester on Saturday 26th January.


Speakers included Labour MPs Kate Green and Louise Ellman as well as Sajjad Karim, the Conservative MEP; Labour Councillor David Ellison, another Manchester City councillor represented the Liberal Democrats and the Greens were represented by their former leader, Natalie Bennett.


Over 200 people attended the afternoon rally that started off in St Peter’s Square and moved on to the Mechanics Institute. 


The central focus of the rally was the call for a People’s Vote to give people a chance to vote on the deal that Theresa May is offering.


Ellman, MP for Liverpool, Riverside, said: “Brexit is not a done deal, it can be stopped”.  


Sajjad Karim, MEP for North West England, said of stopping Brexit: “On this I will stand together with you.”


Natalie Bennett said: “I have a message to you from Brussels: ‘you are part of us’”


The politicians were joined by Graham Hughes of YouTube sensation #3Blokes in a Pub, Remain activist Jack Dart and Cath Moss, chair of Manchester for Europe.


Remain Labour is a grassroots, Labour members group campaigning to change Labour policy. Manchester for Europe is a local organisation not affiliated to any party. Both are campaigning to keep the UK in the EU and the event was their first joint initiative. It also marked the formation of a Manchester branch of Remain Labour.




Moss said, “Manchester for Europe were delighted to come together with Remain Labour at their launch today.  Whilst not aligned to any political party, we recognise that Greater Manchester is a Labour stronghold and that shifting the Labour party leadership is pivotal to changing the country’s direction on Brexit”.




Members of the media are invited to attend and interviews with the speakers can be arranged. Please contact Laura Vogel as below.



Laura Vogel, Remain Labour 


Phone: 07841 428258


Cath Moss, Manchester for Europe


Phone: 0796933148