Liverpool MPs call for voters to break Brexit deadlock

At a rally in Liverpool, Saturday 9th February, four of the city’s MPs called for the Brexit deadlock in Parliament to be broken with a People’s Vote.

The Labour MPs told over 100 people at a passionate rally in the centre of the city that only voters themselves had the authority to decide what to do now that Theresa May was unable to persuade her own MPs to back her deal.

Louise Ellman, the MP for Riverside, said, “We’re at a critical time.  All forms of Brexit are worse that the deal we now have – remaining in the EU.  It’s time for a People’s Vote!”

Luciana Berger, the MP for Wavertree, was cheered when she said, “We should have the confidence to stand up for what we believe in. Theresa May is pandering to the far-right. A small number of voices cannot hold our country to ransom.” 

The MPs agreed Mrs May’s deal was too big a gamble to be left to last-minute haggling in Brussels.

Maria Eagle said, “22% of people who are in work in my constituency of Garston and Halewood are directly employed in manufacturing. A further 35,000 are employed by their suppliers. My constituents’ jobs are all at risk due to Brexit.”

Alison McGovern, the MP for Wirral South, said, “We need to take power from the people who have had it historically and spread that power around. There is nothing wrong with ‘left behind’ places. They just lack the spending and investment other parts of the country have enjoyed.”

The rally was co-organised by two grassroots campaigns, Remain Labour and Liverpool for Europe, at the Quaker Meeting House. As well as hearing from the four MPs, those at the rally discussed how to give voice to the strong support in Liverpool for a People’s Vote. One step they agreed on was to set up a local branch of Remain Labour.

Remain Labour is the grassroots campaign that mobilised Labour constituency parties to dramatically shift the party’s policy at the annual conference last September and is behind the recent wave of constituencies calling for a special Brexit conference. It wants Brexit taken back to the people, either through a general election or a second referendum, and for the Labour Party to campaign for remain. See


Liverpool for Europe is a group of residents from Liverpool who believe that the future interests and prosperity of Liverpool and its environs are best served by the UK as a whole remaining a full member of the European Union. See





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