About Us

Nothing in politics is inevitable. Brexit can be stopped, but only through the Labour Party. 
Remain Labour is a grassroots campaigning group, working across the broad church of Labour members, elected representatives and voters to change Labour Party policy on Brexit. 


Remain Labour’s core objectives are to:
  • Change Labour Party policy so that it supports the UK having full membership of the European Union.

  • Put this policy to the British people, through either a referendum or via a Labour manifesto commitment in a General Election. 

Our activities

In preparation for Labour’s party conference in 2019, Remain Labour worked with members up and down the country to help get motions proposed and passed supporting our aims. This included a specific Remain Labour Scotland and Remain Labour Wales motion.  Our motions called on the Labour Leadership to unequivocally commit to campaign to Remain in any referendum, read the motion here.    Around a quarter of the explicitly pro EU motions sent to the Brighton conference came from Remain Labour supporters. The work of our supporters was equally important during the party conference in 2018.


We supported Labour’s MEP candidates during the EU elections in May 2019 with the Remain Labour EU election pledge. More information here. We have run campaigns with MPs, MEPs, and councillors up and down the country.

Supporters of our objectives can join the Remain-Labour campaign via our homepage here, it takes less than a minute to do so.  


Once you’re signed up, we’ll be able to get in touch to keep you updated on our activities and our campaign actions and events taking place in your constituency or region. If you would like to get further involved with what we are doing, there are several ways you can help:


  1. Work with other Remain Labour supporters in your region by joining a Remain Labour regional campaign to help with events and street stalls in Labour and target constituencies, contact laura@remain-labour.co.uk or see here for more info.

  2. We are a grassroots members led campaign group, if you can make a small donation to help towards the costs of events, campaign materials and effective digital lobbying, this would be very much appreciated. Link is here.

  3. If you are a Labour supporter or a Remain supporter who is not currently a member of the Labour Party – please consider joining the Labour party and make your voice heard. The greater the Remain-Labour representation within the party, the greater our chances of success. https://labour.org.uk/members/why-join-labour/

  4. Follow us on social media: Twitter @Remain_Labour     Facebook @RemainLabour


Remain Labour was founded by Andrew Lewin in December 2017

If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch with Laura Vogel, laura@remain-labour.co.uk

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