Remain Labour and the March for a People's Vote Saturday 23rd March

Join hundreds of thousands on the March to Parliament, to demand a People's Vote on Brexit, from Midday on Saturday 23rd March. It's High Noon for Brexit, it's time they put it to the People.

On Saturday 23rd March, People's Vote supporters from the length and breadth of Britain will gather in London to demand a Final Say and an end to this Brexit madness. It is crucial that there is a huge Labour presence at the march.

Join Remain Labour at the corner of Park Lane and South Street.   The march is going to start at noon, if you arrive at that time you may have trouble making your way down Park Lane due to traffic.  We will be gathering at 10am, so if you arrive early, come find us and then wander off to find a cafe for a rest before the fun begins.  If you are coming in from outside London, click here to find a list of coaches from around the UK, you might still be able to get a seat.


More than ever, we need Labour supporters to make it clear to the party leadership they must guide our county out of this unprecedented political crisis and away from the impending economic and cultural damage that will follow.


Getting as many Labour supporters gathered in London in the last 140 hours before our county leaves the EU could change that outcome. We need your help to ensure our numbers are larger than October’s march and to send the message that we do not accept what is being offered loud and clear.


If you are able to make it, we would be thrilled if you could join us and march with the Remain Labour banner. If you think you might be able to attend, simply add your email to the registration form below to attend the event with us. We will be in touch with locations and timings.






For those unable to attend, please consider making a donation of any size, we will put this funding towards placards and t-shirts for Remain Labour supporters to carry and wear during the march.  Please click here to click through to our Go Fund Me Remain Labour People’s Vote March page. 

Thanks for registering!