Letter to Ian Lavery 

The next few days are important to the Remain Labour campaign.  If you can, please email the Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party, as he is a key person of influence, and encourage him to vote in favour of a confirmatory vote on the final Brexit deal negotiated in the upcoming cross-party talks.   

See below for Email Text (please amend and change as you like, just please make sure to keep a very polite tone):


Dear Ian,


I am a Labour member/voter from XX (Insert Constituency) and am writing to you in your capacity as Chair of the Labour Party.


As a supporter of the campaign to give the country the final say on Brexit, I was delighted to see 203 Labour MPs support the Kyle / Wilson amendment on Monday 1st April. 

It was very disappointing that you chose to abstain in voting for the amendment. I appreciate that Wansbeck did vote to Leave in 2016, but if 110 Labour MPs in Leave seats can back giving the public a final say on Brexit and Labour Party policy, I hope and expect that you would do the same?  


Further, polling shows that constituencies across the country, including many in the North East, now support remaining in the EU and a confirmatory vote.  Wansbeck now backs remaining in the EU by 53%, with over 65% of your constituents currently supporting a Confirmatory Vote (Best for Britain https://www.bestforbritain.org/brexit-shift-2).  The views of your constituents, and voters across the country have changed a great deal since 2016.


That said, I understand why backing a confirmatory vote on the final deal has been an agonising choice for some MPs representing seats that voted Leave in 2016.  It was all the more encouraging to see 110 Labour MPs from Leave constituencies back Kyle / Wilson on 1st April.


The Brexit question is no longer about 'Remain Vs Leave', it is about finding a way out of this crisis. 84% of the PLP now support the Kyle / Wilson compromise in order to do this.


As Chairman of the Labour Party, I ask you to join your 203 colleagues in supporting a People's Vote at the next opportunity in parliament. I ask you to do this in the national interest and the interest of the Labour Party.


Yours sincerely,


INSERT NAME (and Labour membership number)