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The case for beating Boris Johnson with a 'Remain Alliance'. Andrew Lewin in Left Foot Forward.

"There have long been members of Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and Greens who have urged a progressive alliance at the ballot box. Given how politics has been reshaped by Brexit, now is the time that it can succeed. Not only do more people define as Remainers or Brexiteers than as party supporters, but we’re also looking at the prospect of an imminent General Election – engineered to be solely about Brexit ..."

In light of EU election results, Labour must fully commit to remaining in the EU, Andrew Lewin in Huffington Post

"Instead of listening to Remain Labour voters, members and candidates, the manifesto debacle condemned activists to fighting a defensive campaign with a confused message. Instead of uniting the pro-Remain vote behind the Labour banner and taking the fight to Farage, we are left with a fractured Remain vote in which the only real winner is the Brexit Party. It could and should have been so different.  A Comres poll less than a week before polling day found that if Labour had fought the election with an unambiguous commitment to a People’s Vote, Labour would have defeated Farage by eight points. In reality we lost by 18.

34 Labour MEP Candidates Sign Public Vote Pledge, Remain Labour's Pledge in Labour List 

"34 Labour MEP candidates, including 13 sitting MEPs, have signed up to a public vote pledge organised by the grassroots group Remain Labour.

Almost half of those running in the European parliament elections for Labour next month have made commitments going further than party policy. They have pledged to:

  1. Campaign to give the people the final say, with a referendum that offers a choice between a Brexit deal and the option to Remain in the EU.

  2. Campaign to Remain in the referendum ..."

Remain Labour's Pledge in The Independent - Brexit: 22 Labour MEP Candidates Sign Pledge to Campaign for Second Referendum

"Andrew Lewin, the founder of the Remain Labour group, said the overwhelming majority of Labour members wanted to stay in the EU, and he was delighted that 22 candidates had pledged to campaign for that outcome in the elections. 

No more delays, it’s time for Labour leadership on Brexit - Andrew Lewin in The Times

Ahead of the NEC meeting to finalise the Labour manifesto for the European elections, 22 Labour candidates have signed a pledge that makes a personal commitment to campaign to put Brexit back to the people and vote Remain in a future referendum.

Remain Labour's economic analysis of the Labour manifesto in Business Insider 

"Jeremy Corbyn warned that his Brexit plans would 'devastate' his manifesto pledges and create a new age of 'Labour austerity’


This economic damage would stifle a Labour government and force it to "ditch a wide range of anti-austerity policies that could include schools, welfare and pensions, childcare and the NHS," Remain Labour said."

Open Letter to John McDonnell

Letter to the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, from our founder, Andrew Lewin, regarding Remain Labour's Policy Briefing on Labour Austerity.

Press Release: Labour Party Conference agrees Composite Brexit Motion

On the eve of Labour Party Conference in Liverpool, supporters of the grassroots Remain Labour campaign have passed 35 contemporary motions across the country, with each calling on the party to support a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

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