Get Involved

Help build support in your Constituency and make your voice heard

Remain Labour is a grassroots political campaign powered by our fantastic supporters. We believe that Labour voters and members are not only the most effective way to influence party policy but also the right way to decide the direction of the party and ultimately the country. 


Together we’ve been able to pass motions across the country defining party policy at conference; kept pressure on Labour MPs, persuading many to support a People’s Vote and others to fully oppose Tory Brexit; and develop networks of likeminded campaigners across the country.


Your voices and hard work will be just as crucial in the final stages of winning a People’s Vote and getting Labour to campaign on a platform of Remain & Reform.


There are lots of ways to get involved:

  1. Write to your MP - The more e-mails and letters we send to MPs, the greater our chance of success.  Our website makes it nice and easy to find and write to your local MP, check out the tool here.

    • You can also go to your next MP’s surgery in person - Digital campaigning is important, but there is no substitute for making an argument in person. MP's run surgeries to allow them to hear about the priorities of local voters and advertise the times on the websites. Please make the effort to attend in person and to set out your case.

  2. We are also coordinating local groups to run street stalls and help build networks of likeminded supporters in crucial areas. These networks are incredibly useful in developing and coordinating the pressure on MP’s. If you’re interested in starting or joining a local group, more info is available here.

  3. Sign our petition calling on Jeremy Corbyn to include a People’s Vote with a full option to Remain in Labour’s Manifesto for any General Election, here.

  4. Consider putting forward Remain Labour’s emergency motion to your CLP, calling on the Labour Party to support a People’s Vote and campaign to Remain in the EU. More info here.

We have reached the pivotal point in this process and it could truly go either way. Time is running out to stop Brexit, but thanks to the passion and hard work of tens of thousands of volunteers, a People’s Vote has also never looked so likely. It just needs one final push to get it over the line!