Emergency CLP Motions

198 Labour MPs supported a People's Vote on the 27th March - but we must influence the 45 who did not

On the 27th March, 198 Labour MPs backed the Beckett amendment, which committed to supporting a People's Vote on any Brexit deal. 45 Labour MPs did not support party policy and we urgently need to convince as many of them as possible to change their position.

Click here to see how your member of parliament voted.

If your Labour MP was one of those who abstained or voted against the Beckett amendment, we are asking you to stand up and propose an emergency motion at your next CLP meeting - calling on them to back Labour Party policy and change their position. Out template motion is below.

The Remain Labour team is here to help. Please contact us if you are planning to propose a motion and we help you navigate the process and connect you to local supporters. Please e-mail: laura@remain-labour.co.uk

If your Labour MP supported a People's Vote, please thank them for their support and ask them to continue to back a People's Vote at every opportunity in the House of Commons. 

Emergency motion for Labour CLPs

“198 Labour MPs have supported a People’s Vote in parliament – we urgently need our Labour MP to do the same”


XX CLP notes:

  • On the 27th March, 198 Labour MPs voted in favour of the Beckett amendment in parliament

  • The Beckett amendment declared the House of Commons could not support any proposal to leave the European Union, unless it was put to a People’s Vote in a confirmatory ballot

  • A confirmatory ballot would mandate that any deal to Leave the EU be put against the option to Remain and give the people of this country the final say

  • As per party policy agreed at Labour Conference, Labour MPs were whipped to support the motion, it was supported by Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Emily Thornberry and Keir Starmer

  • Our MP, [insert name] did not support the motion, which contributed to the narrow loss. If just 14 MPs had voted differently, it would have secured a majority


XX CLP believes:

  • There is no ‘good’ form of Brexit

  • If the UK leaves the EU in any form, we will be permanently poorer, with the greatest burden falling on the poorest and youngest in society

  • Brexit will cost jobs, sharpen austerity and do further damage to the NHS


XX CLP further believes:

  • It is unacceptable for our MP [insert name] to have abstained / voted against the Beckett amendment on the 27th March

  • The failure of our MP [insert name] to support Labour Party policy on Brexit has local and national implications


XX CLP resolves:

  • To call on our MP [insert name] to stand by Labour Party policy and vote in favour of a People’s Vote at the next opportunity in the House of Commons