Email Nick Brown, Chief Whip, and Jeremy Corbyn Ahead of Crucial Brexit Votes

Make sure Nick Brown and Jeremy Corbyn enforce our party policy.





Dear Nick,


I am writing to you as a Labour voter/member who would like clarification on how your office will be enforcing the whip for votes in the Commons on the Beckett motion in the Indicative Votes debates in the first week of April. 


It has repeatedly been stated by John McDonnell, Emily Thornberry, Keir Starmer and Tom Watson that Labour policy is to support a People’s Vote with the option to Remain in the EU and that our party will support motions and amendments in the House of Commons to that effect.


The votes this week in parliament will be among the most important our MPs ever cast. There is no more time for delay, ambiguity or mixed messages – we need every single Labour MP to vote with the whip, back the Beckett motion and give the country the chance to have the final say on Brexit.


I would like confirmation that should any member of the Labour Shadow Ministerial team oppose or abstain from supporting Beckett, you will recommend to Jeremy Corbyn that they are immediately sacked from their role on the front bench?


As leader of the party, I understand that Jeremy Corbyn (copied) will have the final say on disciplinary matters, but as a hugely experienced and respected Chief Whip, I believe it is equally important that you pledge to enforce party discipline.


Brexit is the defining issue of our generation. If the Labour whip is enforced next week, the British public can vote to stop the social, political and economic disaster that would follow from leaving the European Union.


Yours sincerely,



Name (and Labour Party membership number if applicable)