Labour activist Andrew Lewin, 30, has launched a grassroots campaign with the objective of moving the Labour Party to a pro-Remain policy position. The stated aim of ‘Remain-Labour’ is for the party to stop Brexit and adopt a policy of supporting full British membership of the European Union, before Article 50 expires.  


Remain-Labour has two core objectives:

  1. To campaign for the Labour Party to adopt a policy of supporting full British membership of the European Union, before Article 50 expires.

  2. For that policy to be put to the British people, through either:

    1. A manifesto commitment in any General Election that takes place before the expiry of Article 50

    2. A referendum on the terms of an ‘exit deal’, with the referendum question including the option to remain full members of the European Union

Remain-Labour has been established from the conviction that only the Labour Party has the ability and capacity to stop Brexit.  A majority of 2017 Labour voters supported Remain, a majority of Labour members supported Remain and a majority of Labour MPs supported Remain.

Remain-Labour will not seek to support ‘Soft Brexit’ or any other exit deal which might be proposed. The mission statement published at the launch of the campaign says:

“Soft Brexit is an exercise in damage limitation; understandable, but not desirable. We passionately believe the interests of our country today and in the future will be best served through full membership of the European Union”.

Andrew Lewin, Founder of Remain-Labour commented:

“I don’t underestimate the scale of the challenge in stopping Brexit, but adversity is not new to the Labour Party. The Labour Party did not give up on the National Health Service when the idea was ridiculed, it did not give up a minimum wage when we lost elections and we must not give up on full membership of the European Union now.

A majority of Labour voters, members and MPs supported Remain. Remain-Labour has been set-up to see that support translated first into a pro-Remain Labour Party policy and ultimately into an election or referendum where we can win the support of the British people”.