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Sunday 17th September

Remain Labour supporters in 35 CLPs pass motions calling on the Labour Party to back a People’s Vote at Conference


On the eve of Labour Party Conference in Liverpool, supporters of the grassroots Remain Labour campaign have passed 35 contemporary motions across the country, with each calling on the party to support a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

The contemporary motions were supported by Labour Party members in local parties across the country and passed in Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) in England, Scotland and Wales. The majority of the 35 motions passed were the Remain Labour model motion, which was co-sponsored by Labour Against Brexit, another grassroots campaign. The Remain Labour model motion calls on the Labour Party to:    

  1. Vote against the final Brexit Withdrawal Agreement proposed by the government

  2. Support a People’s Vote and campaign to Remain full members of the EU in the referendum


Every CLP has the opportunity to propose one contemporary motion (or rule change) for discussion at Labour Party Conference and the number of motions passed in support of a People’s Vote look certain to be far greater than any other topic.

Andrew Lewin, Founder of Remain Labour commented:

“I am delighted that Remain Labour supporters across the country have succeeded in passing so many motions. The message from the grassroots of our party is loud and clear, now is the time to change party policy, now is the time for Labour to embrace a People’s Vote.

“Remain Labour is not aligned to any faction in the party. We believe that Brexit in any form will sharpen austerity and hurt most those who have least. Only by campaigning to Remain in the EU can the Labour Party stand up for Labour voters and for the national interest.”

In addition to the 35 contemporary motions passed that explicitly call on the party to back a People’s Vote, Remain Labour supporters in three other constituency parties passed motions calling for a more Pro-EU position. This includes Holborn & St Pancras CLP, the constituency of Keir Starmer, Shadow Brexit Secretary. Significantly, the motion passed by Holborn and St Pancras motion says that the Withdrawal Agreement will not meet Labour’s Six Tests for supporting any deal to leave the EU.”



For more information, please contact:

Alexis Kreager, Campaign Executive - 

A full list of the 35 Labour CLPs with Remain Labour supporters who have passed a contemporary motion calling on the party to back a People’s Vote is below.




Brentford and Isleworth

Bromley and Chislehurst

Dudley South

Epsom and Ewell

Harrogate and Knaresborough



Leeds West

Manchester, Withington

Old Bexley and Sidcup


Richmond Park




The Wrekin

Tunbridge Wells




Westminster North



Wythenshawe and Sale East




Edinburgh South West




Milton Keynes South

Milton Keynes North